Roger Carpenter makes it big!
(The productions that is)


The longest surviving WAM enterprise on the market, Aquantics was launched by Roger Carpenter in 1987 to promote the work of pioneering photographers like Morris Bown, Mike Ellison and Colin Twyford, whose Hydrosets began it all back in 1972. Slide sets later gave way to prints, which in turn have been overtaken by video.. In fact as recently as 1990 it was Aquantics that introduced the very first dedicated WAM video, Mike Ellison's 'Hopeful Starlet' from WSM Productions, still an all time best seller. This was also the heyday of the Aquantics Weekends, a series of now legendary get-togethers for WAM producers, customers and models, taking over a seaside hotel in our home base of Tenby for three-day sessions of wet and messy mayhem, sadly no longer viable but preserved for posterity on two unmissable tapes. In addition to our 10 year collaboration with Artscene on videos unmatched for their high production values, we also release selected US titles in Europe, and Aquantics acts as UK representative for the leading American and Dutch producers.

The team: Robin Wilkey, Roger Carpenter, David Wilkey and 2nd cameraman Roger Wiltshire with his hand-held
Relaxing after a days shoot with the girls and Bill Shipton of Splosh
The Aquantics Special imports Scheme

From the US

No video may be supplied or offered for sale in the UK without BBFC certification, but subject to the general law of obscenity and payment of Customs fees if levied, it is perfectly legal to order and import videos direct from abroad. Under our reciprocal arrangements as European distributors for Aqua Entertainment, Mud Puddle Visuals and WAMTEC we can pass on orders for any of their titles not on European release to be delivered direct to you from the US at any European address and act as your agents in settling the charges in dollars.

Quotations and the relevant order form will gladly be supplied on request, and orders for downloads can also be taken. Bear in mind that Customs are empowered to levy VAT in the UK on imports over £18 (and duty above £135).

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From Europe

EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions, filmed in the Netherlands by Erik Elsas, specialize in pure dunking with amateur models getting drenched, mud plastered and sometimes messy in their everyday clothes and loving every minute of it; there is no nudity.

In the same way as with the American videos, we can act as agents in passing on orders for direct delivery of Erik's DVDs from Holland to any UK address. As these imports are within the EU, no liability arises for VAT or duty.

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