On the job with David Wilkey

Artscene was founded by David Wilkey in 1985 initially as a fine art magazine publishing house. In 1990, David produced the book 'Moving Pictures' followed a year later with another called 'Second Skin'. Both books brought to the public eye, hundreds of pictures of beautiful wet girls and more importantly; made many fans out there realise that they were not alone with this fun fetish. In the same year the first two wet girl films were released 'Wet Dream Girls' and 'Wet Fantasy Girls'. In 1993 David began a collaboration with Roger Carpenter to produce wet, slapstick and mud films with the release of 'Slimewave' A year later David began work on two massive scenes: a wedding party around a pool with twelve girls and a four girl dance troupe, for which an entire luxury hotel was booked (see 'Desperately Soaking Susan') and the following day, a country park was closed to shoot the boating lake scene for 'A Nightmare on Gunge Street'. This set the scene for many productions to follow. In 1999, David founded the Regulation Clothing Co with an emphasis on selling authentic uniforms including nurse, schoolgirl and police. Artscene is based in Bath, England.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it!
Stand-by nurses in case it got too much for me
Rachel on set in her Girl Guide uniform between scenes
Louise at the Cliffe
My brothers roving camera proved very popular