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The first major collection of David Wilkey's photographs to be published, this comprehensive study of the wet girl in motion from jumping in rivers and pools to rolling in the surf and getting drenched under fountains. Included are wet dresses, skirts, petticoats and school uniforms. Also proving very popular are the candid shots of spontaneous dunkings by girls who just want to cool off on a hot summers day. Jumping into local rivers and emerging drenched from head to toe.This book also contains a few realist paintings of wet girls but thankfully the photographs take priority and number over a hundred, many full page

After the success of the first book, Second Skin appeared a year later containing colour photographs throughout. Included are quite a few stills taken while the film Wet Fantasy Girls was being shot and the famous scene of Stephanie Bews pouring water over her business suit. There is also stills of Kate at Bathford and the river scenes with Nina from Wet Dream Girls. Added to this is one of the best sessions ever of Louise at Bournemouth in the surf and under the promenade showers. Various candid shots from a knockout competition as well as a very wet raft race. Mirrel wears her school knickers in the Tenby surf and Kate from dry to wet in a figure hugging nurse uniform. All photographs and no paintings this time.
This magazine was published to make available some of the thousands of WAM pictures new and old that are around and make them available to a wider public. No.1 includes the mud scene with Gill and Sam in school uniforms that appears in The Slapstick Avenger. Also many pictures from the particularly erotic set of blonde Tara, Tina and Italian girl Claudia getting covered in food in vinyl outfits from the film Girlfish. Denise Mitchell attempts to wash her car but not very successfully, there is water and soapsuds everwhere. Davina takes a shower and a picture set from the film 'Floods of Fear' with Anne Heywood in a very wet pink petticoat.

Soupergirl No 2 contains the classic paint set as seen on the Bravo and Vox channels with four girls, Michelle, Anna, Karen and Gill getting plastered with paint filling every nook and cranny!! including Anna's blue knickers. This scene appears in 'The Slapstick Avenger' Amanda also does her bit in a mudpit in the quarry (see Messy vids page one-side pic) a raunchy set that proved very popular when it appeared on video in 'Mary Hell-Custardcase' Louise romps in a pond in a skirt, blouse and petticoat as seen in 'Young, Gifted and Wet' and Teresa May and Vida Garmen 'pool' resources. And there is a 'School's out' from all over the world.