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SV1. SLIMEWAVE Price £25.00
Slimewave is the first of a new generation of Wet, Slapstick and Mud videos. Visit the surgery where Dr.Nerd and three nurses are treating a patient suffering from gunge deprivation, and our four party girls who stay anything but clean. Zeta and Karen get into a very sticky situation (with a surprise ending) and there is a sensuous, two girl wallow in the slimiest of mud and not forgetting Louise in her most reavealing wet set ever.
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No expense has been spared to bring you Desperately Soaking Susan. There are muddy minges in a spectacular slimeout on the mudflats of Stert, five girls get well oiled and a hen party turns into an all out pie fight. We took over an entire hotel for two days and in the process, trashed thirty three outfits. Twelve top models and the dance troupe C'est Chic plus many extras make up the ultimate wedding party.
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There is a gun toting soup-er splosher on the loose, who will be her next victim. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the food sliding down inside the girls clothes? so have Claudia and Melissa. This film contains gallons of water, food and mud, up skirt, raunchy lesbian sex, muff diving, knicker filling and nudity. Is is possible for girls to bleed and soup? Warning: this film contains scenes of explicit splodging
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This is what really happened when the tomb of Tutenkamun (pronounced Two-tit-kamun) was discovered and it's wet and messy consequences.The 'Mummy' carries off Rachel to dump her in the mire, while a police woman, nurse and friends come to her aid! Then ten girls on a boating lake get that sinking feeling. Finishing off with what could be the biggest pie fight outside of mainstream cinema with over four hundred pies between nine girls.
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Model by day, private investigator by night. Mary Hell is the archetypal slapstick investigator. She dicusses some of her most bizzare cases like the time she tried to help Luna paint her flat. The case of the blind man who causes chaos around a swimming pool and Amanda's sensuous mud bath in a quarry. Two sisters strip down to their petticoats and have a knicker filling competition. Thick and fast messy, erotic action.
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See what a real spaghetti western looks like in this epic tale of the old unwashed West-when girls were girls and mud was everywhere. The pie-eyed posse try to ambush Kitty, but they reckon without the 'Toad In The Hole' gang. The ensuing gun(ge) fight is just the start which leads from lezzie frolics in a waterfall to a beer sodden food-flinging catfight in the saloon; culminating in a rip-roaring finale with eleven girls getting stuck in the ultimate mudbath.

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