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SV7. GIRLFISH Price £12.50
In the year 2084, after the holocaust, most males were wiped out and only the Girlfish survive. They are policed by the Pinkies, whose job it is to secure young virgins for the survival of the race. The rest are sex starved lesbians who live only for wet and messy pleasure. All wear vinyl and latex outfits which fill with gunge until overflowing. Added to this is an un-missable deep mud romp with Gill Samson and Helen Hartley in a huge deserted quarry. Futuristic vinyl action.
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Nicole inherits papa's garage and decides it needs a trendy new image. There is engine oil everywhere except in engines. A car gets stuck in a fast flowing stream, as well as in the mud. A police woman comes to inspect the paintshop and wishes she hadn't. There is a lezzie shower scene and a messy pie scene when the inept girl 'muckanics' try to transfer pies from a broken down van. The finale with a bride falling asleep in her car is suitably wet and messy with water,oil and gunge flying everwhere.
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SV9. TRUE SLIME Price £25.00
After watching the late night film, two sleepy girls dream of wet and messy goings on sparked by the TV programmes. From the outset, they are plastered in treacle, soaked to the skin, covered in thick, gooey mud in their nurse uniforms and Anna finds herself coaxed into the Fantasy Cake shop where her ultimate slushy dream becomes a reality. We then return to the TV newsroom where Lisa blames Cassie for the bad weather and gets her own back.
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In a spectacular opening sequence, alien 'Vicki' crash lands on Earth to wreak havoc on the human race. She is captured and opened up in a bizarre operation with four messy nurses, but escapes to witness odd human behaviour in the art class. When she sits down to supper, food and limbs!! go flying. There are two girls fully clothed in the pool and slimey action on a bed, plus the essential mud romp with girls in school uniform. The first wet and messy sci-fi horror film.
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WA2. TRICK OR TREAT Price £25.00
It's Trick or Treat time for the Wamovision girls and some are up for it whether they realise it or not. Haughty mistress Shakina gets more than she bargained for with her maid Claudine and later finds herself caught short in the countryside ending in a muddy wallow. Amy and Haley get drenched in a stream and Cassie soaks her blue dress. To round it off, Claudine has a close encounter with chocolate.
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Schoolgirl Lisa has a rather wet problem when she tries to measure water displacement for her science project. Lianne and Mandy M get serious with custard outdoors and Davina and Sam Johnson get stuck in deep mud when they decide to take a short cut. Sisters Mandy and Lynn frolic in a country stream. And in a messy finale involving multi-coloured trifle mix and spaghetti, Amy and Haley said they were pissing trifle for a week.

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WA6. CHEMISE Price £25.00
Chemise is one of the sexiest films we have ever shot with Clair Louise masterbating her way to orgasm after orgasm in custard and multicoloured slime. And even when she's finished she just can't resist one more time in the shower or soap bubbles in what must be the erotic film of the year. First without knickers and then the feel of shampoo being rubbed slowly into skimpy panties-not much is left to the imagination
AQ91. Aquantics 91-The Movie Price £15.00
Take ten madcap models and forty dunking fanatics, mix thoroughly with water, gunge and clay for three days and you've got Aquantics 91. High jinx in the swimming pool, frolics in the spa pool, multi-girl mudfights and lashings of slapstick - they're all filmed live at the world's wettest, messiest and muckiest annual gathering.

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