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WV1. WET DREAM GIRLS Price £25.00
The very first of the wet girl films, this is the session tapes taken while photographer David was working with models Kate and Nina. The Nina set was taken at a river close to home with the young teenager wearing various dresses and skirts. The second set with Kate sees her wearing a tennis outfit, school skirt and knickers, sexy wet stockings and even wetter knickers and various tops and skirts. All dripping from head to toe at a beautiful poolside location.
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Mirrel and Louise had a rather wet day at the pool in flowing long skirts. Mirrels goes very see-through and Louise's dark skirt clings to her shapely body as does her wet transparent petticoat. There is Juliette in the shower and Stepahanie makes her debut for Artscene in one of the most sizzling bath scenes ever while she chats to a friend on the phone. Judging by the number of letters we've had complimenting this set, it is a must have!
Wet Fantasy Girls Pic 1
Wet Fantasy Girls Pic 2
Wet Fantasy Girls Pic 4
WV3. THIS MOMENT Price £15.00
A French maid in full uniform and high heels is thrown in at the deep end and there is a great sequence of Liz and Maree in the surf at Bournemouth with floating dresses and skirts. Tracy and Karen in knee lenth boots and some rare candid footage of girls in school uniform. But take note, this is one for real connoisseurs only as it is all shot on old Super-8 film transferred to video so hasn't got the quality of modern video. Note: This film is only 30 minutes
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WV4. I AM THE SEA Price £25.00
The most comprehensive film yet produced to date includes a 'bride of the bath' 'The stolen car' with a police woman coming to a very wet end in the pool with two other girls. 'These boots were made for wetting' 'Maid to please' A very wet nurse. An underwater fantasy called 'Beyond the Blue Agean' and three very naughty schoolgirls in the showers. To top this off is Louise at her sexiest in the sea.
I Am The Sea Pic 1
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WV5. WATERS EDGE Price £25.00
In this milestone film, no less than forteen girls get thoughly drenched. It includes four gorgeous teenagers playing too close to a pool. A wet denim special including Mirrel in the tightest of jeans and student Sandra in a denim skirt in the shower. Girls playing in a fountain. Popular Kate and a sketch called 'The Old Man and the Sea' A very funny sequence where a nurse forgets she's left an old man too close to the in-coming tide.
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Wet Is My Favourite Colour is Artscene's sixth outing and includes numerous girls in everyday clothing getting wet. There is a nylon special with a fabulous diphaneous nightdress, a soaked petticoat and Gill in white jeans and Louise in denim. There is also an underwater tea party.

Wet Is My Favourite Colour Pic 1
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Mirrel and Zeta lose their ball in the sea with Mirrel in a white dress and Zeta in skirt and top. A maid (Dawn) and mistress (Gill) draw pistols in a fun sequence in a school changing room and large pool. Maree is taken short in the countryside and wets her knickers. A very sultry Louise in the shower wearing a silver grey skirt and braless white cotton blouse and the lovely Kate gets soaked again.
Bathing Beauties Pic 1
Bathing Beauties Pic 2
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WV8. CARWASH Price £25.00
The car wash is just one of many wet scenes, this one starts with top model Vida Garmen getting her wet knickers in a twist, she is paired with big boobed Teresa May. Other scenes include Michelle in 'Love My Directoires' Two very wet nurses-Vida and Vicki Lee. A schoolgirl in the bath and the much requested Shoes, Boots and High Heels special. Also the famous Louise Hodges in the pool in a figure hugging leather outfit.
Carwash Pic 1
Carwash Pic 2
Carwash Pic 4
'Far away in the mists of time, the Norse legend of the Ring was born, and it's curse would ensure that every beautiful girl who chanced to wear it would come to a watery end' So begins this girl soaked fable that sees all the top models of the time drenched to the skin, including Gill Sampson, Vicki Lee, Vida Garmen, Rachel Stevens and Stephanie Bews in a sexy room maids outfit. Plus many others to make up this complete storyline.
The Nibelungs Wet Ring Pic 2 The Nibelungs Wet Ring Pic 3 The Nibelubgs Wet Ring Pic 4
WV10. APRIL SHOWERS Price £25.00
April Showers is another milestone for wet girl lovers utilising the 'rain machine' to devastating effect as four girls wait for a taxi dressed in their summer clothes. Louise and air hostess Gaynor Bell get thoroughly drenched in the surf and four nurses are let loose with a two inch gushing hosepipe beside a pool. Also appearing are saucy Sandra, Tracy, Charlotte and Michelle
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