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WV11. WET SONIA Price £25.00
'I Am The Sea' featured eleven different girls. 'Waters Edge' no less than fourteen girls. 'The Ring'-ten of Britain's top models. Now-'Wet Sonia' offers ten new girls who have never appeared in an Artscene production before. With the very sexy Clair soaping herself with no inhibitions. Karen, Joanne, Sam and Sunday Sport 'girl of the year' Emma Morgan. There is also a fun set at the 'Marks and Drencher' shrink test department with Luna, Sonia and Jay.
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Wet Becomes Her is another great compilation of the worlds most beautiful wet girls featuring a soaked police woman, Gill and Dawn in the shower. Vida Garmen in a drenched party dress in the pool and in our opinion, one of the sexiest sets on video as Louise cavorts in the surf in a black clinging top and skirt. And Louise Hodges in a raunchy catfight with the 'other Louise' in a western style water trough.
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WV13. VINYL VIRGINS Price £15.00
See the sacred black room where rubber and vinyl clad girls meet and explore each others sensuality. A domineering Joanne orders her slave Sami under the shower. Soon four girls are pouring wine over each other and licking it off. If you like them hot and wet and are not shocked by raunchy lesbian sex, then this film is for you. Contains all rubber and vinyl outfits. Please note: this film is only 30 minutes
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WV14. WET SEX Price £15.00
Maree relaxes after a hard day at the office in a warm soapy bath, business suit, blouse, stockings and all. Two friends, Helen and Cathy drench poor Vicki who then gets her own back in more ways than one, ending in three girl lesbian action on the floor and in the pool with revealing underwater sequences. Sami Jane spills her drink and washes it off under the shower. Her caressing turns her on and she's soon engaged in full solo sex. Please note: this film is only 30 minutes
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WV15. YOUNG, GIFTED AND WET Price £25.00
In 'Young, Gifted and Wet' Michelle comes to grief in a flooded field, Karen relaxes after tennis, Louise tests the waters of Slaughterford, another terrific rain-storm sequence with Joanne, Mirrel, Karen and Michelle and Stephanie makes a welcome return. Also included is new girl Denise. Sam and Mirrel play dirty in classic antique underwear, a very saucy and suggestive smootch under the shower.
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WV16. RAINSCAPE £25.00
Rainscape is a celebration of a glorious English summer, of escaping from reality. This is the story of Amanda's camping trip that's anything but dry. She showers under a waterfall, tries to catch fish, gets caught in a torrential rainstorm and a saucy rabbit looks up her skirt! And finally, Amanda is ambushed by six super-soaker wielding girls ending in a very wet free for all and striptease. Rainscape is all outdoor action combining beautiful girls, spectacular landscape and supreme wetness.

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WV17. SOAKED SIRENS Price £25.00
Soaked Sirens is Artscenes seventeenth wet girl video collection and features Karen in leather skirt and boots, Louise in a blue dress and Michelle wets her school knickers. Drunken Joanne takes a dive at night, Claire shows off her see-through slip and tights, Zeta and Karen at the seaside and Gill and Helen (in white jeans) teach Girl Guide Rachel a thing or two about getting wet. Hot and wet sexy action all the way.
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'The Wet Clothes Show' offers a super variety of everyday clothes, soaking wet. Denise's wet roll in a very short mini dress, Tracy takes to the sea in her school gymslip. Vicki and Gill in their business suits and Davina and April in jeans. Louise's dip in a 1950s dress on Tenby beach and seven girls in an improptu frolic in the swimming pool. And for those who missed the Pheonix disco in Wet Girls 2, it's all here.
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The humid English summer wouldn't be the same without the torrential downpour when seven beautiful girls get drenched in their thin clothes. Vicki cools off in a classic set in the sea and new girl Hayley soaks in a local river. In addition to this there are the usual variety of girls getting soaked including: Louise, Kate, Joanne, WSMs Rachel and Lorraine, Rachel Stevens, Gill, Helen, Samatha Jane, Mandy and Davina.
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WV20. HOSE PLAY Price £25.00
The twentieth collection of wet damsels from Artscene offers three new girls including amateur model Jenni getting drenched in a secluded lake. Cindy and Red also make their debut as they cool off under a hose. Mandy and Lynn in classic fifties clothes are soaked in a fast moving weir and fresh from Girlfish is Angie in the bath in sexy red see-through knickers and striptease. Plus seven girls in a health clinic by the pool and popular Samatha Jane also appears in tight wet jeans.
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