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WV21. DRIPTEASE Price £25.00
This is the first Artscene/Wamovision release combining excellent quality at a reasonable price. This all wet girls video features gorgeous Lynn in a rib top and clinging black skirt. Sam Johnson's first dip fully clothed and Anna and Haley in exotic underwear in a large Jucuzzi tub. Cindy and Red take a dip in their school uniforms and Vicki cools off in some rock pools before wallowing in the surf in her unmistakable sexy way. Sun, sea, sex and wetness.
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Swanlake Beach, a romantic name for a wild, wind swept beach with two new girls, Roxana and Shelly getting wet for the first time. Also new is the alluring Linda, this girl just ooze's sex as she frolics in a crystal clear river wearing a thin clinging purple dress. Lianne makes her debut in the swirling waters below a weir in a cream transparent top and brown silk skirt. Popular Karen makes a welcome return trying out a long evening gown in a swimming pool and last but not least (literally) maid Lisa services her mistress in more ways than one.
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WV23. HORSESHOE FALLS Price £25.00
Beautiful girls in the wood of waterfalls-Never before have nature and young wet girls blended so perfectly together in a film shot almost entirely in the wilds of Wales. From Demi in the flooded Caerfanell in the rain to Charlie wearing a sexy slip and stockings. Gorgeous Clair Louise makes two appearences in a skirt and top and a satin dress in front of the fabulous Lady Falls. Also apperaing is Nichola who loses her tennis ball in a stream (as seen in our header above) and Selene in a silk petticoat and also a skirt and top in the rain

WV24. WET SCHOOL DAZE Price £25.00
The ever popular school unifom is soaked and drenched here on beautiful young looking girls who bask in their wet box pleated mini's and regulation navy blue knickers. There is Charlie on a wild beach in Wales in an American school dress, Clair Louise at her best in the Lady Falls and more of Charlie indoors waking up in the morning, getting dressed and taking a shower. Also included is Lisa who measures water displacement for a school project (as seen in Spaghetti Junction) and a school girl and teacher frolic in a stream at the height of summer
WV25. SWIM WITH ME Price £25.00
In this digital release you can enjoy the lovely Charlie in her army skirt and top. Popular Vicki Ford at her best in the sea wearing a skirt, top and lacy stockings, Nichola appears again in a flowing stream in a skirt which has great contrast from dry to wet and she is sporting some slinky white knickers and stockings. Student Roxanna oozes sex as she takes to the water in her satin slip and the lovely Clair Louise soaks on a sunny day in a local stream wearing a very revealing blue dress.

Artscene presents a great selection of beautiful girls getting soaked in their skirts and tops with an emphasis on denim. New girl Francesca in the shower in a black skirt & white top. Clair Louise in the sea in a water heavy Gap skirt & also a denim skirt in a stream. Nichola in a stylish denim skirt and pouting Charlie outdoors & in, getting wet.

WV27. SUMMER SOAKINGS Price £25.00
Beautiful girls get soaked in their summer clothes on the beach and in the countryside. Three saucy girl/girl sets are included with Shakina and Nancy, Lianne and Mandy and Lynn and Mandy. Vicki Ford frolics in the sea and Amanda and Shelly get soaked outdoors.

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