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From the whispy shores of Tenby comes three gorgeous girls getting soaked and having fun while fully clothed. First up are all three-Joanne in pink top and red skirt, Karen wearing a cream top and skirt and then Michelle sporting a long flowing black dress. Next comes a solo session in the shower with Joanne in a colourful summers dress and finally Karen in a thin see through top and denim skirt.
Back by popular demand are these outrageous girls to tease and titilate while playing in the jacuzzi. Not much is left to the imagination once their clothes are off, and four girls in one dip is a tight squeeze!! A must for fans of girls in wet clothes. Includes jeans, dresses, skirts and a saucy maids outfit. All in a live atmosphere with photographers present.
AP3. WET AND WILD IN TENBY 3 Price £25.00
In a third outing for the wild girls in Tenby, we present Joanne, Karen and Mirrel. The first saucy set has Sam and Mirrel in the shower in sexy see-through dress and clinging black dress. Joanne takes a drunken tumble in the pool at night and in a particularly erotic scene in the shower, Joanne and Karen turn each other on when they strip to underwear and tights.
AP4. WET AND WILD IN TENBY 4 Price £25.00
In a packed video tape shot entirely in Tenby, we present the fourth film. Three girls get soaked in a jacuzzi plus striptease. Waiting at the bustop in the pouring rain somehow ends in a free-for-all in the pool - again with a fun strip. And a raunchy smooch in the shower with Samantha and Mirrel at their lezzie best. One of the sexiest showers ever
AP5. WET GIRLS LIVE! Price £25.00
From Accidental Productions comes the first in their series of loosely edited videos originally released in Germany. Wet Girls Live! brings together some of the best and most attractive girls around to present an unforgettable show for dozens of photographers who were lucky enough to be invited. Accidental Productions shot exclusive video of this erotic event with the likes of Michelle in a transparent silk dress, Louise and Samatha.

AP6. WET GIRLS LIVE! 2 £25.00
A second segment in the fabulous Wet Girls Live! series from Burton on Trent. It features gorgeous Emma in a figure hugging slinky black dress that's almost as enticing as her strip at the end. And dressed to thrill is the ample boobed Kate whose sexy antics has everyone reeling with excitement. Her see through clothes never leaving much to the imagination. Not forgetting Michelle taking a dip in the bath in a dress and 'lace body'.

AP7. LOUISE AT HINTON Price £25.00
This is the first DVD ever to present the fabulous Louise exclusively. She gets completely soaked in skimpy see-through dresses, a rare maroon nurses dress, various skirts and strips down to underwear and topless. Not only does she wear sexy stockings throughout which get laddered, this tape also includes a saucy diaphanous white petticoat. A veritable feast for the wetlook fan and devotees of see through clothes.
Louise at her very best, wet, sexy and in the middle of a crowded beach. Faces turn as she cavorts in the promenade showers and sprawls in the surf in her stockings and suspenders, the wet clothes clinging to every part of her sumptuous body. For schoolgirl fans there is an authentic uniform complete with regulation navy blue knickers and a pleated skirt.

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